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Jon Cells

Born: Goole, England  8 / 6 / 1950
Passed:  Seattle, Washington 7 / 17 / 1994

As accurately described in “Vaporized”, Jon was always a man on a mission: from his folk and Beatle beginnings, to his acid revelations of the early ʻ70s, to his drug-fueled coolness of the early ʻ80s, and all the way to the sobriety struggles that lasted the rest of his life, he was a restless spirit with an uncanny sense of humor, a furious talent with no restraint, a compassionate friend, and a fierce warrior whose spirit made indelible marks on the people who knew him.

- Victor Levine


Starting off with their underground classic, "Uh Oh", these are the definitive recordings of "Cells" from their Boulder, Colorado days. Professionally recorded at Northstar Studios and their private rehearsal space, the songs feature Jon's ironic wit over a bed of raw guitars and urgent beats. Wren's background and occasional lead vocals, along with his imaginative and pioneering use of analog synthesizers elevates the songs into memorable artistry. Relates to Book One of The Spec Time Trilogy, "Spiritualized".

  • Uh Oh

  • Don't Change Your Mind

  • Terminal Thighs

  • Vanant Lot

  • Strange Fascination

  • In a Tube

  • Heaven is Alright

  • Late Last Night

  • Satellites

  • Lion's Den

A compilation of tracks from the edgiest era of Jon's career. Almost half the CD is the edited and remastered vinyl EP from 1983, and the other songs are a combination of remixed 24 track masters and well-recorded studio demos from the time period. All of the tracks are available on Pandora. Relates to Book Two of the Spec Time Trilogy, "Vaporized".

  • Hollow Air

  • Chemical Reaction

  • Tappin Phones

  • Disposition

  • On Your Face

  • Love is a Thief

  • Mental Disorder

  • United States

  • Haunted

  • Inch by Inch

  • Cracked House

  • I Don't Know Why

The Los Angeles tracks recorded at Amigo Studios from 1986 - 1990. Pretense replaced by passion, this represents the most sophisticated writing and production. Relates to Book Three of the Spec Time Trilogy, "Immortalized".

  • Leavin' Love Alone

  • Mistreated

  • Comes a Time

  • Lucinda

  • Nearly Lost It

  • Mona Lisa Stare

  • Opportunity Knocks

  • Out of My Life

  • Don't Get Me Started

  • Speak of the Devil

Singles and EPs

The original Rude Records 45 rpm single release that delivered Cells from obscurity. Recorded at Northstar Studios, Boulder, Colorado in 1980. The band was a fixture on the Boulder scene and the record is now a collectible. Usual band members were Jon Cells on guitar, Wren Rider on synthesizer, Andy Heermans on bass, and Kelly Clear on drums.

  • Uh Oh (A Side)

  • Terminal Thighs (B side)

This five song EP was released on vinyl by Pressure Records in 1983. Well received at the time, these fully produced tracks featured well-known studio musicians, engineers, and producers. A European single was created but no one was able to follow up on the opportunities.

  • Mental Disorder

  • Chemical Reaction

  • Tappin' Phones

  • On Your Face

  • Love is a Thief

The European single from the full EP.

  • Mental Disorder (Side A)

  • Love is a Thief (Side B)

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