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Sprituzalized has been released!
July 30th, 2015

Victor Levine's second installment of the Spec Time Trilogy - Spiritualized - is on sale now! The prequel to the highly regarded Vaporized, the latest addition to Levine's arsenal of rock n' roll stories will take you on a journey through the mysterious Rocky Mountains, across the hippied valleys of the mid-west, and into the studios and clubs that made Boulder, Colorado, THE destination for new music in the 1970s. C'mon and GET SPIRITUALIZED.

SPR Review -

"Levine is a wizard at language."

Companion CD! - Rocky Heights

New/Original Jon Cells Track Available!
June 10th, 2015

The original version of Jon Cells' "Outta My Life" has been found in the archives! Check it out!!!

Check out Jon Cells' Facebook page!
May 28th, 2015

Jon Cells' Facebook page is up and kickin'! If you come across a vintage vinyl, poster, or press release from the 70's or 80's, be sure to post it!

Vaporized, updated and revised, will be reissued!
July, 2015

The second book of Spec Time Trilogy, Vaporized tracks Jon Cells' journey down the seedy streets of New York City, across the landscape of loaded distractions, and up the stairway to the upper eschelons of the rock gods and punk deities of the 80's. During a fluid, four-day period in 1982, Vaporized provides a street-level view of the gritty music buisiness, full of unforgettable characters and frenemies. This second edition has been re-edited to align more closely with the other books in the series. C'mon and GET VAPORIZED.

Companion CD! - Cracked House

Kirkus - "...worthy mystery just short of gripping."

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