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          THE JON CELLS STORY        

Spec Time Trilogy

The Spec Time Trilogy is a series of books about the conflicted path of an aspiring rock musician, Jon Cells. Equal parts entertainment, historical fiction, and social comment, the stories, based on an actual character, chronicle three distinct phases of the musician’s career and the conditions that helped shape his destiny.

Lyrics from each of those eras is woven into the narrative, and the music from each of those times has been released on accompanying CDs. "Rocky Heights" music relates to "Spiritualized", "Cracked House" music was made during "Vaporized", and "Nobody's Fault" has songs related to "Immortalized". The first book, “Spiritualized”,  takes place in and around Boulder, Colorado in 1978. It is framed as a story of growth from one state of awareness to another. The second book, “Vaporized”, takes place in Manhattan in 1982 and describes a grasp for attainment. The third book, “Immortalized” (due out in 2016), set in Los Angeles in 1986, is about embracing destiny. The books are interconnected with recurring characters and themes, and each has a related procedural mystery that drives the plot. All the stories take place over consecutive four day periods and characters from the periphery, mystical forces, and relevant subplots elevate the stories of a musician's quest for success into complex plots with unexpected results.

Spec Time Concept

"Spec Time" is an arrangement between recording studio owners and creative artists. Artists are allowed to use the studio at no up front cost in the hope that what is created will earn money and pay the studio bill at some time in the future. Studios are motivated to enter into these agreements because they realize it is better to give some time away and have a chance of making money rather than just leaving the studio empty. These "Spec Time" deals almost never pan out, but artistic success is a popular goal so everyone keeps trying to "make it big". Successful artists can tell their own stories, so these stories focus on the 99% who live to create, but usually give up or die beneath the headlines.

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