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Based on the novel, “Vaporized”, by Victor Levine. Inspired by the music and misadventures of Jon Cells (1950-1994). It’s all fiction, but a lot of it is true.


Synopsis – A Rock and Roll Mystery set in New York City in 1982 - Rated R


JON CELLS is an up-and- coming rocker on the cusp of

stardom. He’s handsome, creative, and cocky, with the talent and temperament to back it up. Why is something always getting in his way?


Groupies, managers, and backers, all want to see him succeed, but an undercover cop with an agenda and Jon’s own bad habits are just some of the obstacles in his way. The road to his big showcase and record deal is even more

treacherous than he knows, because everyone thinks he knows more than he does about a secret perfume formula,

Princess Mist, that people are getting high from. Jon’s probation-ordered job has landed him at Laden Imports: an international import business with a perfume laboratory inside. The intoxicating fumes of a mystical Persian Princess who comes to life when people inhale her scent casts a spell over the whole cast and seem to drive Jon over the edge of sanity. But is he a drug-crazed madman or a gifted performer?

Why is the Princess Mist so powerful and what is it made

from? Detective Falin, who knows Jon from a previous bust

in Colorado, has been trying to find out if the Princess Mist is illegal, and Jon’s sudden appearance at the Laden factory

kicks his investigation into overdrive. Falin leans on Laden’s

accountant, Herb Draper, to spill the beans or go down with

his clients. Falin has a crush on Draper’s daughter, Rebecca, who works at the factory, and Draper wants to protect her too. There’s an incriminating tape from the message machine, a fake wig planted at a crime scene, and a sneaky side deal, but can anyone control the Princess? Jon’s studio producer, Nigel, is all about the music, but his bigwig boss, Dante Pecorino, is a sleazy music business manager who knows about the Princess Mist. There’s a big showcase and Jon’s bandmates, Frankie and Marco, are pumped up and ready to go, but will they be good enough for Jon to finally get the recognition he deserves? Will the Princess elevate his performance to stardom or will Falin’s

pursuit drive him further from his goal?

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