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It was hard to get a record deal in 1982. Punk was dying, disco was dead, and the radio was already full of pop stars. Synthesizers and drum machines were holding the beat together at poser clubs like Studio 54, but unless you were British or knew someone, the odds were stacked against you. Fortunately, nothing could ever replace a gravelly voice and a raw guitar. In VAPORIZED, Jon Cells, an edgy rocker with a magnetic presence, has finally arrived at the corner of right time and place. How could he know that the perfume factory where he’s been forced to work a day job has a shocking, 2500-year-old secret which threatens to escalate the War on Drugs to dizzying new heights—and ruin his luck? The pungent clues, musical cues, ancient traditions, and modern ambitions lead to an unforgettable climax at a legendary New York nightspot. More than just the story of a rock ‘n roller’s quest for greatness, “VAPORIZED” is an international mystery whose central premise is certain to inspire research and spark debate. Readers who are looking for a stimulating story about the gritty New York club scene in the early ʻ80s won't be disappointed, and deep thinkers will be challenged by the subtle social commentary and intricately crafted plot.

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